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Non loop coil Vehicle Detector (GVD-3S)
* Detects passing vehicles 3meters(10ft) away without LOOP COIL

* Unit Price : 200US$ + 30US$(Int'l delivery cost)
* We accept Paypal or T/T to our account
* 20% discount of the unit price by over 50pcs per order, or 30% discount by 100pcs.
* Please contact us by email at





What is the Geo Vehicle Detector?          


  1) It detects passing vehicles through comparing different of earth geomagnetic field by Geo 

     Vehicle Detector which is installed on a wall of pathway without loop coil.

  2) When it detects a vehicle, it outputs to run a warning signal, and can be set up to 50 seconds

     by inside timer function.


  3) Also it provides compatible functions with loop detectors through having a presence output

     without timer function and pulse output.

  4) Geo Vehicle Detector only detect vehicles or metals without loop coil except pedestrians 

     therefore it gives convenient maintenance and cost saving against existing loop detector.








[ Requires the length of the Sensor Cable : 10meters ~ 100meters ] 






Installation Tips                                   


  1) Do not install the Sensor Module at around (about 1 meters) any motors such as Barrier Gate,

     fan of Air-conditioner, etc.


  2) It can be installed between 55cm height from road.

  3) It's required to install the front of the sensor module forward to passing vehicles.

  4) When it turns on power of the detector, the Green LED light is turns on for an initialization 

     about 10 or 20 seconds but it can be exceeded when the Geomagnetic field is not stable.

  5) When the Geomagnetic field is not stable, the initialization will be extended and need to press

     the reset button to restart the initialization.

  6) While initialization please don't approach any metals or vehicles to the Sensor Module. 















Specifications of Geo Vehicle Detector        

  1) Composition : Geo Sensor Module and Detector Unit

  2) Cable lengh of Sensor Module : typical 1.5 meters (Option : 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 meters)

  3) Type of Detection : Different geomagnetic field by passing vehicles or metals 


                               (exception pedestrian)

  4) Distance of detection : within 3 meters (10ft)

  5) Speed of detection : within 80km/H

  6) Output : - dry non contact SSR(AC 240V/2A) for warning signal.

                 - dry contact relay for signal(pulse or Presence/Timer)

  7) Input Power : DC 12V

  8) Operating Temperature : -30C ~ +70C

  9) Setting : - Sensitivity --> 8 steps

                 - Timer --> 8 steps

  10) Dimension : - Sensor Module --> 40(W) x 100(H) x 48(D)mm

                       - Detector Unit --> 66W) x 146(H) x 29(D)mm