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LPR Barrier Gate (DLB-600)
* Combined a LPR unit and a 20color light Barrier Gate
* High Brightness LCD Monitor, 1.3MP camera and IR Illuminator
* Patented Color Barrier Arm 2.5m/3m
* Morden design




[ LPR Barrier Gate (model : DLB-600)]






[ Features ]

* LPR Barrier Gate which is installed at an entry or an exit lane combined a LPR unit and a Barrier Gate.

* When a vehicle approach at the LPR Barrier Gate, it takes pictures for recognition license plate of car.

* It can be set single or multi images per a car so that it increases accuracy rate.

* The recognized information are displayed on the high brightness LCD monitor so that driver can read the information even in sunlight.

* It's not only display the recognized information but also it can display advertisement images or announcement messages on the monitor by pre-downloaded images.

The illuminated barrier arm changes with 20colors to attract the driver’s attention, ensuring it is seen and preventing accidents.  








 [ Specifications ]


* LPR Camera              : 1.3Mega pixels  

* Lens                         : 3.5 ~ 35mm

* Illumination               : Infrared LED Light

* Controller                  : Image Processing Unit

* Speed of Recognition  : 0.5sec.

* Recognition rate         : over 95%

* Scope of Recognition   : Cars and Trucks

* Communication           : TCP/IP

* Monitor                       : High brightness 15" LCD monitor (visible in the Sunlight)

* Motor of Barrier           : BLDC 100W

* Operation speed          : about 1.2sec.

* Barrier Arm                 : Color illumintive Arm (Patented)

* Length of Arm             : 2.5m (optional 3m)

* Material of housing      : Steel 1.6t, powder coated after zincing

* Dimension                  : 370(W) x 1551(H) x 316(D)mm

* Input Power                : AC 220~240V, 50/60Hz

* Operating temperature : -20C ~ +60C (option : -30C ~ +70C)