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RF Reader(long range)
* 900Mhz, passive type RF reader
* Reading range is 4 ~5 meters (0.3 ~ 7meters).
* Memory : 11,000 RF-ID data.
* Provides a output signal to open a Barrier Gate.
* Communication : RS-232, RS-485 or TCP/IP(option)
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 [ RF Reader for long range ]





 [ Features ]


* The RF reader which is installed at entry or exit lane of parking lot receives data from RF TAG which is attached on front windshield of vehicle, and then if the RF TAG has already registered, it sends out a signal to rise up Barrier gate.

* The RF reader and the RF TAG is a passive type so that the RF TAG can be used for semi-permarnent. 

* The RF reader can read signal of the RF TAG from about 4meters away.

* The RF TAG is attached on a front windshield of vehicle and when the vehicle approach to the RF reader, the RF reader can read a signal automatically. 



 [ Specifications ]

* Frequency                    : 900Mhz

* Operating Type             : Passive type

* Communication            : RS-232 or RS-485

* Method of Controlling   : by a controller or management computer

* Input Power                  : DC 12V

* Operating Temperature  : -20C ~ + 60C

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