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Management Computer(DZC-600)
* Controls all Barrier Gate, and local units.
* Displays status of local units with different color.
* Reports various revenue balances.
* Reports various statistics.
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 [ Management Computer (DZC-600) ]




 [ Features ]


* The Management Computer manages all parking equipments such as LPR Barrier Gates, auto Pay Stations and Manual Pay Stations through TCP/IP communication.

* It manages short term congress and monthly  parkers by the LPR technology.

* A status indicator of each equipment is displayed, and all equipment can be controlled remotely.

* It can be preset all operating parameters.

* The announcement or advertisement images are downloaded to LPR Barrier Gates remotely so that the LPR Barrier Gate displays it while it's waiting next car. 

* Various reports, shift balances and statistics can be accessed.




[ Specifications ]


* Processor                 : Intel i5 or i7 Desktop PC

* Memory                    : 8GB

* HDD                         : 500GB

* Monitor                     : wide 24" LCD monitor

* Operating System      : Windows 7 or 10

* Communication          : TCP/IP

* Input Power                : AC220~240V, 50/60Hz

* Operating Temperature : 0C ~ +50C

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