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Cashier Station (DMP-600)
* Installed at exit lane or centeral of parking lot
* Automatic evaluating of parking fee with LPR unit
* Type in number plate for calculation parking fee
* Receipt printer, and scanner for validation coupon
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[ Cashier Station (model : DMP-600) ]

 [ Features ]


* The manual Cashier Station is installed at an exit lane or somewhere in the parking lot.


* Operator can compare images by entry and exit image whether the images are different while evaluation parking fee.

* A parking fee is evaluated for the plate number automatically from a recognized information or by manual input.

* Various validations are provided for disconting parking fee.

* It can print out a receipt after payment.



[ Specifications ]

* Processor   : Onboard Intel i5 processor, Industrial PC

* Memory      : 4GB DDR3L

* SSD          : 64GB

* Monitor      : 17" LCD monitor


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