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Radio Controller(T/R)
* Remote control Barrier Gate
* Battery type transmitter
* Basic type : 10~15m distance rage
* Long type : 70~100m distance rage
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 [ Remote Control Transmitter/Receiver ]



 [ Features ]

* There are two type model, a Basic (for 10~15meters) and Long range (70~100meters) type.

* The Receiver can be installed at a Barrier gate and it can control the Barrier Gate by push buttom of the Transmitter remotely.

* The Battery in the Transmitter is required to replace a certian period.


 [ Specifications ]

* Power of Receiver               : DC12V/1.5A

* Dimension of Receiver         : 80mm x 150mm x 100mm

* Operating Temperature        : 0 ~ +70C


* Weight of Receiver              : 600g

* Receiving distance              : Basic type (10~15m), Long rage type(70~100m)

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