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Slave LPR Unit (DLR-600)
* Linked with LPR Barrier Gate
* Installed at entry lane for rear or other side of front number plate
* 1.3MP Camera and IR Illuminator
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 [ Slave LPR Unit (DLR-600) ]







[ Features ]


* The Slave LPR Unit which is installed at an entry or exit lane is linked with LPR Barrier Gate improves accuracy of the recognition by taking images for rear side or other side of front.

* The Slave LPR Unit is combined with a IR illumination to take perfect images at all whether condition.

* The 1.3MP LPR Camera and the IR illuminator work when a signal comes from the LPR Barrier Gate.


 [ Specifications ]


* LPR Camera              : 1.3Mega pixels

* Lens                         : 3.5 ~ 35mm

* Illumination                : Infrared LED Light

* Speed of Recognition : 0.5sec.

* Recognition rate         : over 95%

* Scope of Recognition : Cars and Trucks

* Communication          : USB port

* Material of housing      : Steel 1.6t, powder coated after zincing

* Dimension                   : 200(W) x 1200(H) x 250(D)mm

* Input Power                 : AC 220~240V, 50/60Hz

* Operation temperature  : -20C ~ +60C


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