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Vehicle Detector 1 CH
A vehicle sensor and a detector unit are a set
Detect passing vehicles for runing warning light
The sensor cables can be extended up to 100meters(328fts)
Detection distance are within 1.5 or 2meter from side of a car

Non Loop Coil Vehicle Detector (model : GVD-3S)

[ Features ]

  * No need to cut the pathway, saved labor cost and easy to maintenance.

  * Applications : passing vehicles, passing trains, passing forklifts, construction site for safety.

  * We don't recommend to use it for Barrier Gate and parking revenue systems.

  * Output : non contact relay switcher for AC 50V ~ 240V/max. 2A and Relay dry contact 

[ Guide for usage ]

  * Do not suitable aroud motor operation, near by radio station.

  * The backward of the sensor can detect vehicles with same distance so that it should be considered whether vehicles are passing at the backward too.

  * After power on it turns on the Green light which is initializing meaning for few minuites or more depend on place till complete the initialization.

  * If the initialization is pending more than 20 minutes, it's better way to turn on power again after plug off.

[ Specifications ]

  * Sensing method     : Geomagnetic for detecting vehicle, forklift or metal

  * Detection distance  : within 3meters to engine room (1.5 ~ 2meters to the side of car)

  * Detection speed     : within 80Km/h

  * Input Power          : Adapter (DC12V)

  * Operating Temperature : -30C ~+70C

  * Output                : - non contact relay switcher for AC 50V ~ 240V/max. 2A
                               - Relay dry contact (max. AC125V / DC60V), 2A 

  * Sensitivity            : 8 steps

  * Timer                 : 8 steps (0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50 seconds)

  * Position of Sensor : wall (height 53cm, 20inch from ground) or seiling (height 2.3m, 7.6ft from ground)