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Management Computer
* Controls all Barrier Gate, and local units.
* Displays status of local units with different color.
* Reports various revenue settlements.
* Reports various statistics.

Management Computer (model : DZC-600)

[ Features ]

  * Entire remote analysis the system
     The Management Computer remotely analyses of the operation, setting parameters, controlling unit and download programs.

  * Images management function
    The images which is display on the LPR Barrier Gate can be managed by Management Computer. 
  * Convenient & stable software
    Based on the technology which was applied to the Incheon Int'l airport, the software of the advanced LPR systems developed as a central management concept for a convenient management. 

  * Non interrupt operation by standalone system
    If the Management Computer has problem, the image processing unit which is built in the LPR unit continually runs in normal operation to protect the whole system are breakdown. ( Other competitors who is using IP camera for LPR camera does not have this function. )

[ Major Functions ]

  * The Management Computer manages all parking equipments such as LPR Barrier Gates, Auto Pay Stations and Manual Pay Stations through TCP/IP communication.

  * It manages hourly and monthly guests by the LPR technology.

  * Status indicator of each equipment is displayed, and all equipment can be controlled remotely.

  * It can be preset all operating parameters.

  * The images of advertisement or announcement could be downloaded to LPR Barrier Gates remotely so that the LPR Barrier Gate displays it while it's in an idle time.  

  * It provides various reports, shift balances and statistics.

[ Specifications ]

  * Processor   : least i5 or i7 desktop PC or Server is required.

  * Memory    : 8GB

  * HDD         : over 500GB

  * O. S          : Windows 7 or 10

  * Monitor     : wide 24" LCD monitor

  * Dispenser   : validation coupons with barcode