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LPR Barrier Gate
* Uninterrupted LPR parking system with IPU(Image Processing Unit)
* High Brightness LCD monitor, LPR camera and IR illumination
* Patented 20Colors Barrier Arm 2.5m or 3m
* Provides ABCS(Auto Brightness Control System) function
* Supports remote analysis of the system

LPR Barrier Gate (model : DLB-600)

[ Features ]

  * Uninterrupted operation by Image Processing Unit 
    If the Management Computer has breakdown, the Image Processing Unit which is built in the LPR unit continually works as a stand alone for a normal operation. ( Other competitors who is using IP camera for LPR camera does not have this function.)

  * Provides the ABCS(Automatic Brightness Control System) function
    The ABCS is built in the system so that the LPR camera takes always clear images to keep high accuracy rates.

  * 20 color light of Barrier ARM
    The illuminated Barrier Arm changes with 20 colors to attract the driver's attention, ensuring it is seen and preventing accidents.

  * Display various images on the hIgh brightness monitor
    It displays not only the recognized information but also it can display images of advertisement or announcements on the LCD monitor.

  * Built in an entire remote analysis the system
     The system provides a remote analysis function for setting parametters, controlling unit, restarting the unit and download programs.
  * Convenient and high reliable Software 
    DKEE provides a convenient software with over 20 yeras experiences including Incheon Int'l airport project for the LPR solutions and know -how.


[ Major Functions ]

  * The LPR Barrier Gate which is installed at an entry or exit lane is combined a Barrier Gate with a LPR unit.

  * When a vehicle approaches to the LPR Barrier Gate, the LPR camera takes images and the IPU(Image Processing Unit) sends it to the management computer.

  * The IPU controls the Barrier Gate according to a result of the recognition whether the vehicle could be allowed to enter into the parking lot.

  * The images which was downloaded to the LPR Barrier Gate by the management computer will be displayed on the LCD monitor for advertisements or announcements.
  * A Slave LPR unit could be installed at the same lane for taking image of the rear or other side view of the front license plate.

  * The 20 color illuminated barrier arm changes colors to attract the driver's attention, ensuring it is seen and preventing accidents.

[ Specifications ]

  * Motor                       : BLDC 100W geared motor

  * Speed of Bar              : 1.2 ~ 3seconds for 90dgree moving (adjustable speed)

  * Barrier Arm                : 20 color Arm 2.5meter or 3meter (option : folding Arm)

  * Accuracy Rate            : over 98%

  * LPR Unit                   : LPR camera, IR illumination, LCD monitor, Image Processing Board

  * Communication          : TCP/IP

  * Operating Temperature : -20C ~ +60C (-4F ~ 140F)

  * Input Power               : AC 110/ 230V, 50/60Hz

  * Material of housing     : Steel 1.6t, powder painting after zinc
  * Dimension                 : 370(W) x 1645(H) x 359(D)mm, (14.5(W) x 1,246(H) x 14.1(D) inch)