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FMC camera with Bay Lamp
* two 2mega pixels camera with Lens
* Coverage : 4 parking spaces (left & right)
* Bay Lamp Function (Green : vacancy, Red : occupied, Blue : handicapper, Yellow : VIP)
* Accuracy : over 97%
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Features of Bay camera                   


        - It's installed under raceway on ceiling of center of pathway, and sees both side parking spaces from the center of pathway to check vacant spaces and to recoginize number plate of vehicles.

  - A Bay camera takes video 24hours a day for the parking in a spaces or walking pedestrains on pathway, and send it to the Storage Server.

  - When a parking is complete, the Bay camera takes a full image with 2mega pixels to recognize number plate.

  - Send video and image to FMC managing Server.


  - Camera : two 2mega pixels with lens

  - Lens : fixed lens

  - Coverage : 4 parking spaces (left & right)

  - Output : 2mega pixels image & streamed video with HD(1280x720)

  - Bay Lamp : high brightness 256 color LED (Green: vacancy, Red: occupied, Blue: handicapper, Yellow: VIP or Premium)

  - Accuracy : over 97%

  - Communication : TCP/IP with power (POE)

  - Power Supply : PoE 36~57V, DC 12V

  - Distance : within 100meters between FMC camera and PoE Switching HUB

  - Consumption Power : 7W (incl. Bay Lamp)

  - Video format : H.264

  - S/N Ration : 38dB

  - Ports : RS-485 for Bay Lamp or Block Guide Display


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