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LPR Barrier Gate (DLB-600)

* Combined a LPR unit and a 20color light Barrier Gate
* High Brightness LCD Monitor, 1.3MP camera and IR Illuminator
* Patented Color Barrier Arm 2.5m/3m
* Morden design
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Automated Pay Station (DCP-600)

* Installed at an Exit lane or Central of parking lot
* A high brightness LCD monitor with touch screen
* Scans Barcode for validation and Credit Card payment
* Receipt Printer
* VoIP Intercom
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Cashier Station (DMP-600)

* Installed at exit lane or centeral of parking lot
* Automatic evaluating of parking fee with LPR unit
* Type in number plate for calculation parking fee
* Receipt printer, and scanner for validation coupon
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Management Computer(DZC-600)

* Controls all Barrier Gate, and local units.
* Displays status of local units with different color.
* Reports various revenue balances.
* Reports various statistics.
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Barrier Gate(DCB-100)

* Patented technology color light Arm
* Length of ARM is 2.5meter (optional 3m)
* BLDC motor driven
* Controlled by serial comminication or signals
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Slave LPR Unit (DLR-600)

* Linked with LPR Barrier Gate
* Installed at entry lane for rear or other side of front number plate
* 1.3MP Camera and IR Illuminator
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RF Reader(long range)

* 900Mhz, passive type RF reader
* Reading range is 4 ~5 meters (0.3 ~ 7meters).
* Memory : 11,000 RF-ID data.
* Provides a output signal to open a Barrier Gate.
* Communication : RS-232, RS-485 or TCP/IP(option)
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RF-ID Computer(DRM-600)

* Contrrols RF readers for monthly parkers.
* Registers RF-ID data, and check the data for every transaction at entry and exit.
* Displays transacted event of RF-ID.
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VoIP Phone(Master/Slave)

* Stand alone Slave VoIP phone and portable Master VoIP phone
* TCP/IP communication
* Long distance communication
* Clear voice
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Radio Controller(T/R)

* Remote control Barrier Gate
* Battery type transmitter
* Basic type : 10~15m distance rage
* Long type : 70~100m distance rage
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