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* Operates for Hourly and Monthly parkers at entry and exit lane.
* Recognition accuracy is over 95%
* Sends recognized plate number and image to Management Computer.
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Barrier Gate(DBG-90)

* Operates with Ticket Dispenser, Ticket Reader and/or Cashier Station.
* If any part of a vehicle is detected under the arm by loop detector while closing, the arm is stopped and it goes up to prevent damage.
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Cashier Station(DCS-610)

* Reads magnetic hourly ticket, and prints receipts.
* Interfaces with RF reader or LPR for monthly parkers.
* Opens Barrier Gate after transaction.
* Corrects plate number for unrecognized LPR.
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Automatic Pay Stsation (DAP 610)

* Reads magnetic hourly ticket.
* Displays parking fee on the 12" touch screen.
* Accepts coins, notes, and dispenses change with coins and notes.
* Prints receipts, and provides safety locks.
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Management Computer(DZC-600)

* Controls all Barrier Gate, and local units.
* Displays status of local units with different color.
* Reports various revenue balances.
* Reports various statistics.
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Image Server(DIS-600)

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RF Reader(long range)

* 900Mhz, passive type RF reader
* Reading range is 4 ~5 meters (0.3 ~ 7meters).
* Memory : 11,000 RF-ID data.
* Provides a output signal to open a Barrier Gate.
* Communication : RS-232, RS-485 or TCP/IP(option)
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