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LPR Barrier Gate

* Uninterrupted LPR parking system with IPU(Image Processing Unit)
* High Brightness LCD monitor, LPR camera and IR illumination
* Patented 20Colors Barrier Arm 2.5m or 3m
* Provides ABCS(Auto Brightness Control System) function
* Supports remote analysis of the system
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Slave LPR Unit

* Linked with LPR Barrier Gate
* Installed at entry lane for rear or other side of front number plate
* LPR Camera and IR illumination
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Automated Pay Station

* Installed at an exit lane or Central of the parking lot
* A high brightness LCD monitor with touch screen.
* Scans Barcode for validation and Credit Card payment
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Barrier Gate

* Patented technology color light Arm
* Changing color in 20 colors of Barrier Arm
* BLDC motor driven
* Controlled by serial communication or signals
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Cashier Station

* Installed at exit lane or central of parking lot.
* Automatic calculating parking fee with LPR unit.
* Type in number plate for calculation parking fee.
* Receipt printer, and barcode scanner for validation coupon.
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Management Computer

* Controls all Barrier Gate, and local units.
* Displays status of local units with different color.
* Reports various revenue settlements.
* Reports various statistics.
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VoIP phone

Master of VoIP phone (desk top)
Slave of VoIP phone is installed in a auto pay station or stand-alone
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Manual Switcher

Desk top type
Uses RJ45 Jack
one channel/ two channel
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CCTV camera

2MP camera
Adjustable pan and tilt
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