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LPR Barrier Gate

Non interrupt LPR system with IPU(Image Processing Unit)
High Brightness LCD monitor, 1.3MP camera and IR illuminator
Patented Color Barrier Arm 2.5m/3m
Biult in ABCS(Auto Brightness Control System)
Built in an entire remote analysis the system
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Slave LPR Unit

Linked with LPR Barrier Gate
Installed at entry lane for rear or other side of front number plate
1.3MP LPR Camera and IR illuminator
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Automated Pay Station

Installed at an exit lane or Central of the parking lot
A high brightness LCD monitor with touch screen.
Scans Barcode for validation and Credit Card payment
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Barrier Gate

Patented technology color light Arm
Changing color in 20 colors of Barrier Arm
BLDC motor driven
Controlled by serial communication or signals
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Cashier Station

Installed at exit lane or centeral of parking lot.
Automatic calculating parking fee with LPR unit.
Type in number plate for calculation parking fee.
Receipt printer, and barcode scanner for validation coupon.
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Management Computer

Controls all Barrier Gate, and local units.
Displays status of local units with different color.
Reports various revenue settlements.
Reports various statistics.
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VoIP phone

Master of VoIP phone (desk top)
Slave of VoIP phone is installed in a auto pay station or stand-alone
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Manual Switcher

Desk top type
Uses RJ45 Jack
one channel/ two channel
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CCTV camera

2MP camera
Adjustable pan and tilt
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