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dParking) System


 [ Installing dParking App. ]

Driver who wants to use the dParking service needs to install the dParking App. on their smart phone.



 [ Displays available spaces of parking lot on the map of dParking App. ]


 [ Follows dParking ]

             1 ->                      2 ->           3 ->              4 ->            5


1. Enter a parking lot

2. Takes validation after shopping

3. stored the barcode of validation on their smart phone

4. Exit without physical payment

5. Receives payment notice after leaving  


 [ Entry ]

* When vehicle approaches a parking lot, it displays parking symbols and available spaces on the map of dParking App.

* The LPR Barrier Gate takes pictures and recognizes number plate for approaching vehicles, and then rises up the Barrier Arm to pass the vehicle.


* The dParking App. popes up a message on driver's smartphone automatically whether the dParking will be applied, and it will work the payment procedures by choosing the confirmation button.


 [ Stores Validation coupon on dParking App. ]

* When the validation coupons are stored on the dParking App. after shopping, the dParking manages automatically the stored coupons with indicating valid date.


* The stored coupons will be applied automatically when it starts the calculation of a parking fee, and  the used data of the coupons are deleted from the list.

  [ Exit Lane ]

* When the driver approaches an exit lane without any physical payment prior to exiting, the LPR Barrier gate takes pictures to recognize number plate and rises up the Barrier Arm to pass the vehicle immediately.


* After leaving the vehicle, the Management Computer evaluates parking fee with validation coupons, and then it notices a payment contents on the driver's smartphone.

[ Notices Payment contents ]

* Drivers who uses dParking can exit parking lot with non-stop passing, and then a notice message is displayed on their smartphone after leaving the parking lot.

[ Find My Car System by dParking ]

* The dParking receives location data from the Location Transmitters which is installed everywhere in the parking lot.





* When driver can't remember the parked location, the dParking displays parked location on the driver's smartphone.


* It can be applied the patented Find My Car solution with low costs.