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 Non interrupt operation of LPR/ ANPR system If the Management Computer has problem, the Image Processing Unit which is built in the LPR unit still runs in normal to protect the whole system are breakdown.

( Other competitors who is using IP camera for LPR camera does not have this function because the IP cameras must be connected directly to the Management Computer though the network. )
 Built in the ABCS(Auto Brightness Control System) The ABCS is built in the system so that the LPR camera takes always clear images to keep high accuracy rate.

The ABCS(Automatic Brightness Control System) runs to adjust the Iris of the camera to take clear images at all environment.
 20 colors Barrier Arm (patented) The illuminated barrier arm change colors to attract the driver’s attention, ensuring it is seen and preventing accidents.

The 20 colors are changed during closed and moving position too.
 Displays advertisements or announcements The high brightness monitor displays not only recognized number plate but also it displays advertisement or announcement images on the monitor when it idle times.

The images can be downloaded to each LPR Barrier Gates by the Management Computer remotely.
 Remote annalysis and diagnosis services DKEE provides a remote annalysis and diagnosis service for operating parking lots when our dealer has any difficult for the maintenance.